Land of Pulse and Currents
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You smile and chuckle softly, giving him a reassuring nod.

"Oh, I definitely will, sir…D-Do you use trollian?"

You tilt your head slightly as you look at him. You started to grow pretty fond for this troll. He seemed to be very nice to you and willing to protect you from any dangers that lurk around this planet. You definitely want to keep in touch with him. In fact, you’re thinking of inviting him to your hive. However, you’ll have to talk to DoeMom first…

"I do. You could try trolling sanguineSlasher someday: I might even pick up" you say jokingly, nodding to her. It does seem that keeping in touch with her could be pleasant, and you yourself have nothing against the idea. Still, there are other factors to consider here, such as…

"I guess you need to go and see your lusus now? I know mine would freak if they saw me wounded… if they were still around" you finish bit lamely, sighing to yourself but bravely putting up a smile at any rate. "I can wait outside."


You sigh and gulp down another bottle, making your way to the bed with another one in hand. You give it to him and say probably one of the rudest thing you’ve said to him up til now.

”I like y’better when you shut up and fuck me. Drink that, and bring in a conversation that isn’t as stupid as my hat. Hats are nice, end of the discussion.”

Welp. You are rude and you know it, but small talk is boring and you aren’t going to take any of  this. You straddle his lap and take a sip of rum, looking down at him.  He’s got great looks, you have to admit, but for now that’s all you can say about him. that and the fact that he pailed you right when you needed it the most.

He’s probably going to feel used, but it’s not like you pity his poor scorched feelings.

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Wayward Traveller

Going to sleep early today, friends. Good night uwu

-Closed RP with soundwaveengineer-


Trying to stay away from the agitated lusus, you look up at the taller troll,feeling a bit worried.

"I-I’m kind of hoping that’s she’s inside…"

You gently wrap your arms around his arm again as you begin to lead him down the hill. Once you farther away from the avian, you begin to feel safe again. You haven’t had an exact reason why you felt so safe around the redblood.It may be his size or his kind and protected nature around you.

"Th-thank you so much for helping me," you reply softly, giving him a small smile. "I honestly don’t know how to repay you…"

Although you have never counted yourself as particularly sentimental person, that little smile of hers is enough to warm even your bitter vascular pump. It feels good to be able to help her, even if you have not usually been in business of protecting people. Maybe you should try it more often?

For a moment, a mental image of yourself in cloak and mask like some great hero of justice floats to the forefront of your mind before you dismiss it with a chuckle. It is a nice evening dream at the very least, even if you would never really make that good of a hero.

Grasping her hand gently in return (and taking care not to injure her by accident), you nod to her with small smile of your own. “You’re welcome. Honestly, I could get used to doing stuff like that. Give me a call if you want my help in the future too, yeah?”

Well, you may just visit even without a call, considering this particular troll interests you. Still, trollian is generally easiest method to stay in touch, so…

Wayward Traveller
-Closed RP with soundwaveengineer-


"U-Um…We just have to take this path…" you replied with mousy and intimidated tone in your voice.

You point to the path going down the hill. You take a few slowly steps towards the hill and begin to see your hive. However, you didn’t see your lusus outside. Maybe she’s resting somewhere inside, you think to yourself. You’re hoping that nothing horrible happens to her.

Giving her an odd look upon hearing her intimidated tone, you sigh somewhat. Of course she will likely be scared of you for a good while: who in their right minds wouldn’t be? You are a monster to say the least, and not only in appearance. The thought stings somewhat.

"Well… if this is the place, where is your lusus?" you ask, trying to hide the sadness in your tone as you observe your surroundings, paying special attention to her hive. So this is where she has her shop, one supposes… Hopefully you’ll be able to visit it more in the future too.

That is of course assuming she does not just want to have as little as possible to do with you.

Meet the Kismesis


The question causes you to laugh at him. “Goodness! Books arre the best way to learrn, and cerrtainly to explorre, anything! Frrom herre I can rread about the historry I’ve missed, and see maps of what’s changed.” You explain, giving him a rather broad smile.

"I was neverr much forr leaving the caverrns afterr all, I would only get lost orr worrse… And as an adult I shouldn’t be walking about openly."

"Books are not always accurate, you know" you say with a frown, shaking your head. "If you always trust only written word, you will lose so many things that there are to life. And besides, history is written by victors… By only reading that one side of all stories, you are doing yourself a disservice, wouldn’t you say?"

Bonding time


When he let you go, you chuckle softly and wipe your mouth a bit with the back of your hand ” I would say sorry, but lets face it, I’ve licked you countless times befo-” suddenly a cloud of dirt surrounds you and you shield your eyes and cough a little “Hey!”

Blinking hard as you wave the dust with one hand and rubbing your eyes with the other, trying to see if you could spot the other. You didn’t even get a chance to look around thoroughly, as you let out a surprised gasp as a great force slams into you and knocks you a good distance.

Tumbling a bit, you hit the ground hard enough that you didn’t know if which way was up at the moment. Grass was below you, so your on your stomach..what hit you? Dazed, looking around you try to find the troll responsible. Course, you spot him and you realized how pissed off he looks..Better get back up on your feet!

Grinning in satisfaction, you finish wiping the spit from your face and close your claws in fists, taking a boxing stance. “Oh shut up and come at me, Dei-Dei. As adorable as your attempts at mindgames are, I’d rather beat your face in than listen to the babbling issuing from it. In other words…”

You tense up and leaping towards him again, claws lashing out and aiming to inflict couple of clothing-tearing cuts on his top. “Swords, not words!”