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Aspects of Homestuck by Wmill

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> Continue petting his head

Well, I have to call them - they could’ve other guests, who wouldn’t be nowhere near that tolerant. And they ain’t that close to our hive. If we were to start out trip now we would arrive there just before daybreak. Ain’t a good idea.

Tomorrow, though? May work.

✹ Alright thén, palébro. Sound liké wé will bé making road trip to thé béach ✹

> Grinning somewhat at that, you stretch and let out a deep chuckle. You have not visited seaside much: it should be interesting.


> Pat the nape of his neck reassuringly, scritching the hair on the back of his head in small circles

'Reyu. One of them is my ashen quad. And both of them know about my blood - they had a few perigees to snitch me to authorities and they didn't. Ya can trust them. I am a worse paranoid asshole than you'd ever be, and I don't feel treathened by either of them.

> Relax slowly and hug him again, sighing ever so slightly from relief.

✹ I’ll…trust your judgémént thén, palébro. Wé can go right away, unléss théré is sométhing wé should pack and bring along? ✹


> Grin slyly

Actually… We can go swim in the sea. Got to know two finfaces, moirails like we two. I doubt they’d have a problem with us swimming around their hives.

> You blink somewhat and look somewhat confused…not to mention hesistant. Sure, you know you can take highbloods in a fight if needed, but two seadwellers…?

✹ Aré you…suré about that, bro? I méan, swimming would bé nicé, but can théy réally bé trustéd? Sorry if I sound liké paranoid assholé, but still. ✹


Yeah, yeah. My eyes need a rest from the screen, too.

> Lean into the hug, petting his back a bit. Think for a moment about his words

You’re tired with… all that stuff? Or it’s just the weather?

✹ Thé gogdamn wéathér, mostly. Nothing spéctacularly sucky has réally happénéd latély. Wéll, at léast it is still béttér than wintér months. ✹

> Smiling in lopsided manner, you chuckle somewhat.

✹ You know, I think wé nééd to visit lakésidé soon. Swimming might bé réfréshing as héll during this damnablé héat wavé. ✹


I guess I need to go out a bit more. The few raids in a perigee and walks around ain’t enough.

> Smile and ruffle his hair before laying just next to him

Yer sure that you don’t need a moonscreen? Thick skin or not, ya still can get a burn.

> Smiling somewhat at the hair ruffling, you roll all three of your eyes at his comment about burns.

✹ Éh, I think I’ll be fucking finé… It’s not liké I plan on staying out héré that long. It is just nicé to také a momént off, you know? ✹

> Chuckling mildly, you tussle your moirail’s hair in return with your long fingers before giving him a hug.


> You put your shades on again.

Eh, don’t worry. I still have a shirt on, and I am not that fragile anyways.

> Pour him another glass of iced water, and treat yourself with one as well. Change position so you’d sit next to his shoulders.

>Yervoy: Resist the urge to pet your moirail.

✹ Wéll, you aré still my fucking moirail, so of coursé I’ll fucking worry. But I guéss littlé moonbathing won’t bé that bad. ✹

> Accepting the new glass of cold water with gratitude, you drink from it slowly, actually rather enjoying yourself despite the heat wave now that you have some refreshments to avoid being roasted inside as well as outside.