Land of Pulse and Currents



:oO « Oh! Well sure! I’m really curious about what goes on with your hive, since you’ve mention something about your experiments… Especially the “super-power” project you’re working on!~

ϟϟ Just SCIENCE, dear madamch! My hive is pretty awesomech, even if I do say so myselfch!  ϟϟ

> Gog damn, but you do love you some SCIENCE! Hopefully she will like your stuff too: not that it’d be a deal breaker on whenever or not you want to be around her, but it would be nice to know you won’t be boring her with your greatest interest.

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Once back at camp you set up a nice place for him to lay down. Pillows and cushions and plush fabrics adorn the little nest you’ve made for him. This is usually a comfortable position for feeding if you remember correctly. It’s been a very long time since you felt intimate enough with someone to feed like this. You suppose it’s not that much different that sitting up. Just feels more personal to you.

You quickly relive him of his coat and all clothing above the waist, carefully kissing each bit of flesh as it’s revealed.

"If you wouldn’t mind laying on your back love," you offer a sweet smile and lead him to the bed you’ve arranged for him."

Smiling to him with quite extensive teal blush marking your face, you slowly lay back onto the cushions, caressing his hair tenderly. You didn’t think you’d ever really trust someone this much, but now you do it just about without hesitation. Times really have changed… and maybe you have too, in some small way.

"All ready for you, Jaimie… do it whenever you feel like it" you mutter softly, relaxing and leaning your head back somewhat to give him clear access to your neck. "It wasn’t so bad in last time either… Just have to make sure the bleeding can be stopped quickly enough afterwards."

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You smile and bask in the affection he gives you. It’s not a stretch to say you could easily spend days doing nothing but sharing small touches of affection with him. Infact, you should plan on doing that one day. You know it would prove to be a pleasant venture.

"No, I can wait," you hold his hand and kiss the knuckles,"The wrist is much more painful, I couldn’t do that to you. I can wait. Thank you though. Speaking of my, ah, condition. I’m surprised your lusus accepted me as fast as she did. Most beasts are wary of me, at least at first."

"Well…" you mutter, glancing at your lusus in bit embarrassed manner. "I am pretty sure it mostly has to do with her having enough confidence to disregard you as a threat unless you give her a reason, at which point she’d likely do her damnest to kill you" you mutter apologetically, receiving another tail swish from your lusus for your trouble. "But I suppose she has earned lot of it."

Getting up after long moment of cuddling, you hop back onto your lusus and pull Jaimie behind yourself, grinning. “Well, time to get back to the camp… About time we moved on to the other side of the evening, methinks.”

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You want to keep going, but it’s probably best to take a break from the lusus express. As it is over a short ride you already need to find your land legs, it’s going to take some time to get used to. Time is something you have. The time with him is precious, and you won’t squander it.

"That was brilliant," you pat the feline’s side before leaning against her, giggling as her fur tickles your nose.

You sigh and stretch out, happier than you’ve been in ages. Somehow, in the midst of your second life you happened upon this man, not expecting a connection to be formed, much less love. You wrap your arm around his neck and hold your cheek to his.

"I can see why you prefer this means of travel, what a rush."

You don’t mean just the ride.

"Yeah, it is pretty amazing… She can really go quite quick when needed. Chases in particular are the best."

Smiling softly, you rub your cheek against his and pat the side of your lusus in thanks, causing her to bop you lightly with her tail. This evening really is going remarkably well to say the least: it has been nothing short of amazing thus far.

"If you want, you can take a sip from my wrist here before we head on back: I have kept you waiting long enough after all."

Chuckling gently, you kiss Jaimie slowly and lovingly, holding him against yourself and thanking whatever deities there are for your luck.



;oD « Technically, yes.~ If this is what a date feels like, then I’ll definitely want more with you in the future.~

>You giggle before you take a few bites of your meal.

ϟϟ Oh, awesomech! I feel like lucky glubber indeed!  ϟϟ

> You grin to her happily, proceeding to eat some more of your dish before changing the topic of conversation.

ϟϟ Maybe I could invitech you over to my hive? It’d be fun, I promisech! There could be worse dating spot tooch!  ϟϟ


>You held tightly onto him as he begins to move faster. You feel a little nervous at first, but you eventually got used to the speed. You look down to check up on him.

i-is everything .kay?

✹ Trust mé, évérything is just…pérféct ✹

> You can’t help grinning a little as you continue jogging along, your third eye glancing up at her bust that rocks slightly against your hair with each step you take. Yes, you may be bit perverted, but you can admit that much freely: you just can’t resist.

✹ I hopé you aré having fun, Éna… I’d lové to spénd évén moré timé with you. ✹


Things I should be doing: Writing

Things I am doing: Imagining random shit from the story I want to write without actually thinking them through and then forgetting about them.





;oD « Well aren’t you sweet? I’d love to hang out with you more in the near future! You’re really pleasant to be around with!

ϟϟ Thankch… Not lot of people say thatch to me…  ϟϟ

> Blushing a little again, you quiet for a moment as the food arrives, nipping away at your dish for a moment before giving her a hopeful glance.

ϟϟ So wouldch you say it could be…a date? ϟϟ